Disaster Recovery Plan - Case Study

The Senario:

It’s a Monday morning and you get a call from the Police to tell you there has been a fire at your factory. When you arrive on site you find that all that is left is a pile of ash. Even the steel girders have melted. Your fire safe that was on the first floor has fallen to the ground floor and cracked open and the contents including backup disks have melted. Your whole business world has collapsed.

This is how ASAP got you up and running within a few hours of a total loss:

Prior to your disaster we had setup your system with an excellent Disaster Recovery Plan. This involved the following processes.

  • 1. Local backup to USB drive that is taken off site each day
  • 2. Online backup to a cloud based server of business critical data such as accounts
  • 3. Live replication to a Server based at our offices.

Once you have made contact with us we simply ran up the servers based at our premises and enabled you key staff to connect from their home computers and mobile devices. This allowed you to contact all your customers and let them know you were still in business. In the real situation competitors were already contacting your customers to tell them you were out of business!

We then rebuilt a new server for you to use at your temporary premises and moved your data onto this.

You may think there is no need for the local backup or indeed the cloud based backup when you have live replication. However this doesn’t protect you from a data corruption (the corruption would be replicated too). This is where you would reply on a restore from you off site backup of the server structure and then the latest data would be pulled down from the cloud based online backup.