Anti-virus solutions

Eset Anti-virus

A key element to any company's security plan is high quality antivirus software. Business versions of anti-virus products tend to be priced on a per-user basis with a cost on par with or better than individual user products (usually dependent upon quantity), some offer additional features such as the ability to run and manage multiple installs from a single location.

ASAP work with a range of endpoint security services for all types of businesses. Our current favourite is ESET Endpoint Protection which is simple, fast and effective against spyware, malware and viruses. It also has a very minor impact on system performance when compared to similar products. Available as a cloud-managed service, ESET can be set up with no additional hardware required, so securing your business is quick and easy. The software requires little user input as it updates automatically, meaning you will always have the latest protection available. We can also offer traditional server or workstation based solutions to best suit your requirements.